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  1. What I Learned on my First Ride of 2015

    General MC Message Board
    Hello, All: My wife and I went on our first long day-ride of 2015. We headed up to Stone Mountain, North Carolina. We got there, but it was very quiet. Never been before. Roamed around the huge park for a couple of hours without any lunch. Couldn't find the darned mountain! I mean, it was...
  2. HELP! Wing Rider Looking for Work Near Hickory/Lincolnton, NC

    North Carolina (NC)
    Hello NC Wingers! I am actively looking for a job in quality, safety, production, process improvement or customer service in or around Hickory/Lincolnton, North Carolina. This is to the North West of Charlotte. I have a good resume and 20 years of experience, but these jobs are, apparently...
  3. Headed to Lake Lure for lunch. Interested?

    General MC Message Board
    Memorial Day weekend 2014. Lake Lure. Rumbling Bald Resort. Lunch. Maybe Saturday. If not, then Sunday. Anyone interested in meeting up? This is the setting for my Gold Wing themed murder mystery and I need to do some research (tax deductible, I suppose). B-E-A-utiful place, at least in...
  4. Where is THIS in North Carolina?

    North Carolina (NC)
    Ten bonus points to anyone who can tell me where this picture was taken.
  5. I Am Now **GULP** A Winger

    General MC Message Board
    I am a new Goldwing Rider. Here's the story: In 2008 my wife, office manager, and riding partner was riding a bicycle to work and was hit from behind by a large delivery truck at 60 mph. Presumed dead at the scene, first responders cared enough to revive and life-flight to a Trauma Center...
  6. Upcoming BikeSafeNC Classes--FREE!

    North Carolina (NC)
    North Carolina has a free motorcycle street riding class put on my experienced motor officers. It is called BikeSafeNC and the class is FREE. My wife and I took the class a couple of years ago and it was very good. Very focused on safe street riding. Yes, there were a lot of Scare-You-To-Death...
  7. 12,000 Mile Service--Where to Go?

    North Carolina (NC)
    My 2012 Wing is ready for its 12,000 checkup. I could take the bike to Gastonia (where I bought it), Shelby (they do a lot of GL trikes and did my front suspension), or Charlotte (I don't know them, but you would think they would do a lot of volume). Suggestions? :shrug: Also, would you do...
  8. How Can I Avoid the DMV?

    General MC Message Board
    I hate them, Hate Them, HATE THEM! All I'm trying to do is register my new-to-me trailer. I've been to two different North Carolina plate offices and gotten two different excuses for why they won't take my freaking money. (At first they said the title wasn't notarized. It was. Now, they say a...
  9. Would You, Could You, On a Wing?

    General MC Message Board
    MotoMark is a motorcycle training school in North Carolina. They have a parking lot course, private lessons and a new "Overland Confidence" course that looks like a lot of fun. I not sure I am physically able to do this adventure riding course, but most of you could. I don't know as you would...
  10. Where to Get Suspension Upgrades in North Carolina?

    North Carolina (NC)
    I want to add a trailer hitch and upgrade the suspension (including Progressive Mono Tubes and Rocky's Trippe Tree) on my 2012 Wing. I'm not sure I trust my local dealer--they are afraid to check the oil on a GL1800, never mind change a rear spring! So, I called around and here is what I found...
  11. South Mountain State Park and Old 18

    North Carolina (NC)
    For memorial day, my wife and I road to South Mountain State Park, near Morganton but actually in Connelly Springs. We entered the place name in our factory GPS and hit "Shortest Route." We ended up on Old NC18 and what a fun ride! I though I was on the Dragon--except there were NO semis--just a...
  12. Blue Ridge Parkway--What's Do I Need to Know?

    General MC Message Board
    I'm planning a two-up trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway. I'd like to ride the entire length in one trip. We will be leaving from near Charlotte, NC, riding up to VA, then down all the way to Cherokee, NC. This is our first long motorcycle trip in 25 years. I'm mostly a motorcycle commuter, but we...
  13. Superbike School or a Motorcycle Trip?

    General MC Message Board
    I've always wanted to go to the California Superbike School. I'm about to the point where I can afford to go, but I'm just not sure that's what I want to spend my money on now. You see, a one day class, including their gear and their 180 horsepower BMW S1000RR, costs $750, plus travel and hotel...
  14. Do People Ever RENT Trailers?

    MC Trailer Board
    I've never ridden with a trailer before. Does anyone or anyPLACE rent trailers to Wingers? I'm especially interested in locations close to Charlotte, North Carolina. Thanks.