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ontario motorcycle rides

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    Help - Guys I have an 08 Wing, with stock windshield with Vent. I can't look over it even if it's at it's lowest point. I'm 5'8" I would prefer to be looking over it slightly especially in the rain. A few concerns: How much is it going to affect my passenger if I buy a lower sporty windshield...
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    Here's a great ride that we took this summer. Lots of fun, beautiful scenery in Northern Ontario Canada - - - > and Enjoy, Paul Meyers
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    Hey Guys, had a great last ride today. Northern Ontario Canada riding is coming to an end soon. Today it was 6 degrees celcius, kinda cold. Thank god for the heated grips and seat on the Wing. Here is a link to today's photo's from the MARTEN RIVER loop IN Northern Ontario Canada. Thanks...