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  1. MC Trailer Board
    I have a basic PiggyBacker trailer. It pulls fine, but I would prefer a longer, sleeker aluminum trailer body. Any ideas on who could build a longer body that includes the cooler inside the main shape? Imagine an Aluma body but rounded and extended out front more, maybe with the cooler down...
  2. MC Trailer Board
    Looking for a few words of wisdom from the old hands. :lol: My wife and I are headed out for our first multi-day trip with a trailer. We're getting started with a well used but mechanically sound PiggyBacker. It weighs 205 pounds empty. The tongue stand weight is about 15 pounds with 95 pounds...
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  4. MC Trailer Board
    Anyone added paint or chrome to your Piggy? I was thinking of a chrome rack on the top (for show and so my bean bucket, non-weight bearing). Any Ideas? Just to get it started, Piggy backer pics. More latter today. below
1-4 of 4 Results