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  1. MC Trailer Board
    Trailer size. So, Tailwind trailers are 24 cubic feet. I have a PiggyBacker which probably has more room than I need-- if there is such a thing--at it is 15 cubic feet. The Third Wheel trailer is 5-6 feet. Same with the Unigo. The N-Line is 11 cubic feet. How big should a motorcycle...
  2. MC Trailer Board
    My little PiggyBacker is a fine trailer, but it jangles! I think it's those darned safety chains. Clang! Wang! Click! I can't stand it. (Oh, the bells, the BELLS!) Does anyone use safety wires? Safety ropes? Safety chain in a rubbery tube? Suggestions welcome to this serious (well, seriously...
  3. GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    Used for one trip of less than 1,000 miles. Specs can be found at email: [email protected] phone: six one 8 3 two seven eight oh oh five Like new. Have Illinois title in hand Decided I did't want to pull a trailer...
  4. MC Trailer Board
    Looking for a few words of wisdom from the old hands. :lol: My wife and I are headed out for our first multi-day trip with a trailer. We're getting started with a well used but mechanically sound PiggyBacker. It weighs 205 pounds empty. The tongue stand weight is about 15 pounds with 95 pounds...
  5. MC Trailer Board
    Have any of you installed a lower, smoother, more aerodynamic body on your Harbor Freight, Aluma or PiggyBacker frame? Pictures? Suggestions? Just thinking of an improvement project.
  6. General MC Message Board
    I just bought a used, older Piggy Backer trailer--the kind with leaf springs. I want to take it for a ride, not a trip. How much weight should I throw in there to stabilize the ride and reduce bouncing when I'm just tootling around? I can throw a 45 pound plate in there. Suggestions on where to...
  7. General MC Message Board
    I'm really mad now. I had big plans for MY MONEY. I was going to buy a new color matched Tailwind trailer, a Ducati Diavel with matching Uni-Go trailer and a Shadow bagger for the misses. Now what am I supposed to do? Well, maybe I'll just skip the extra bikes and buy a PiggyBacker trailer and...
  8. MC Trailer Board
    I'm not an aeronautical engineer--although I did once stay at a Holiday Inn Express--but, the little I know about aerodynamics is that a tear drop is the most aerodynamic shape. It has a rounded front and a tapered back. We can simulate a long tapered teardrop back and trick the air by having...
  9. MC Trailer Board
    I've never ridden with a trailer before. Does anyone or anyPLACE rent trailers to Wingers? I'm especially interested in locations close to Charlotte, North Carolina. Thanks.
1-9 of 9 Results