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    Suggested by another thread, made into a poll for everyone to learn from. I put Bridgestone and other together because the Stones are so popular. The E3 is almost custom made for MC trailering, so that had to be a choice. Also, those alternative tires (you know, the ones who get their own...
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    Resently laid off. Wife crunched her car so she's driving mine. Now my bike is my ONLY mode of transportation, and suddenly, my trailer is staying magically attached to the back of Esmeralda. I'm just wondering if other folks KEEP their trailers attached all the time, or if it's on and off for...
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    Just curious if other Wing riders use a gear to hold their bike in place when parked. I usually leave it in neutral, but the other day, I came back and the bike was sleeping on the engine guards. Just wondering if a new habit, parking in a gear, might prevent napping.
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    I've been leaving my helmet hooks UN-hooked, un-locked, dangling down from the trunk. That way I can just hop off the bike, hook my helmet, close the hook and go. But ... I've never seen anyone else doing this. Does leaving the helmet hooks open (hanging down) cause a problem? Just...