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  1. Wisconsin (WI)
    Greetings! Greg here from Rosemount (SE Twin Cities Burbs), MN. I was told by wapkap that the Wisconsin board is where the action is happening! I just purchased Wade and Karmen's 2001 GL1800ABS. Low (<60k) miles and tons of extras. So far I am having a great time on it! I never imagined...
  2. Darkside Riders
    Car tires do not belong on Motorcycles…. Is what I have always read, except from the darksiders. For the last 6 years, right before I bought a new tire (I ride about 20k miles a year, so it is often) I would ponder the darkside. Then I would read all the posts about the darkside. There would...
1-2 of 2 Results