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  1. 3rd Annual Celina (TX) Ride to Eat

    Rides, Trips and Events
    On Saturday April 1st, 2017 at noon, numerous riders will be meeting at Lucy's on the Square in Celina, TX for the 3rd Annual Celina Ride to Eat. The goal is to ride your motorcycle there, eat good food, tell a bunch of lies, and then ride back to wherever the **** you came from. Actually, we...
  2. NIITWIt Rally 12 hour and 36 hour; Oct 21-22 and free rally clinic

    Rides, Trips and Events
    A N.I.I.T. W.IT is someone who is “Not In It To Win It”. In other words, it’s the kind of rider who is more interested in riding some great roads and seeing some cool stuff than in bringing home a trophy. This rally is for those riders. In this rally, riders will lose points for having fun and...
  3. SC District Rally

    South Carolina (SC)
    The SC District Rally will be held in Charleston this year. The dates are April 28th to May 1st. We are excited about this year's theme: "Doin' the Charleston" The event will be located at the Charleston Southern University campus. For registration/information...