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  1. Rear Brake lock up

    General MC Message Board
    So, took the ERC class yesterday in Salt Lake with DHeaton and 6 others, don't know if they were members here or not. About halfway through class, 2-3 hours in, my wife started riding 2up with me for the rest of the class. After the first excercise I noticed my rear brake starting to stick...
  2. How Do I Check the Throttle Position Sensor?

    GL1800 Tech Board
    Wingman said, "In the latest Wingworld Stu stated the TSP Throttle Position Sensor could be the problem with Goldwings with the hesitation problem. Sensor should be 0.5 volts at idle bad ones where 2 volts or more." So, for the mechanically inept person like me, how do I go about doing this TSP...
  3. ContiMotion Tire Recall FYI

    GL1800 Tech Board
    Incase any of you Wingers went with ContiMotion tires...
  4. Recall Information

    General MC Message Board
    When looking for a used Goldwing, where would you look online to find recall information? If you found a recall order for something on the bike you wanted, how would you go about making sure the issue had been corrected? Thanks,