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  1. Tank Removed - Should I replace Fuel Lines?

    GL1800 Tech Board
    I have the gas tank removed from the bike (Traxxion Dynamics rebuilding the shock). The bike is a 2001 GL1800A with 130K miles. All lines and hoses down there look good, but does it make sense to replace them now? If so, I haven't found a good list of lines and hoses in the Parts Fische, etc...
  2. 2001 GL1800A Trunk Pocket Hinge Replacement

    GL1800 Tech Board
    I need to replace the hinge on the left trunk pocket. I have all the parts, but can't tell how they actually go back together. Does anyone have a diagram or video that shows how the pieces fit. The diagrams in the parts catalogs are not specific enough. Thank you.
  3. What is this Body part and can I replace it???? 2014 GL1800 comfort/navi/abs

    2012 - 2017 Goldwing Board
    I have a 2014 Candy Prominence Red GL1800 comfort/navi/abs. I managed to scratch a colored plastic piece of the body that sits on the tank pretty badly and for cosmetic reasons want to just replace it. The piece is shaped like a "U". The sides of the "U" sit on either side of the gas tank...
  4. R&R Right Mirror (OEM) 2008 GL1800.

    GL1800 Tech Board
    Yup, finally dun it. Fell over on another bike. Now my right mirror is broken at the swivel joint. I can't seem to locate instructions on removing the broken pieces and replacing it all with the new assembly. It's all taped up now, so I can't look under all that tape. Anyone got...