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  1. 03 GL1800 Reverse not working, FIXED!

    GL1800 Tech Board
    I bought my 03 in May, and didn't realize the reverse was not working. Wanted to enjoy the bike through the riding season, so I just started digging into it last week, as the riding season is over. Symptoms: reverse light comes on steady, but when pushing the starter button, reverse would...
  2. 2 Months Before Warranty Expires - Will I be Treated Differently on These Items?

    General MC Message Board
    I have an '06 with an extended Honda Warranty (purchasesed thru this site) that expires at the end of May. I have not yet been in to have the Master Cylinder inspected. The cruise control has been fixed once before and doesn't work again. When using reverse, it sometimes will not work and just...
  3. 1996 GL1500A reverse not working

    General MC Message Board
    1996 GL1500A reverse is not working.:cry: It will only work if the handle is pulled back about half way. If you pull it forward to full position the bike will only jerk back an inch. I have adjusted the cables per the manual. I replaced the reverse switch on the reverse handle but still no luck...
  4. What gear do you use to park?

    General MC Message Board
    Just curious if other Wing riders use a gear to hold their bike in place when parked. I usually leave it in neutral, but the other day, I came back and the bike was sleeping on the engine guards. Just wondering if a new habit, parking in a gear, might prevent napping.
  5. Starter replacement?

    GL1800 Tech Board
    '03' 1800a with 35k, my 'short commuter' with a non-functioning starter. Have it all disassembled, three starter mounting bolts out but the old starter WILL NOT pull out of the engine case! It'll slip out only 1/16", not far enough to see the 'O' ring and I'm pulling it straight back towards...