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ride like a pro
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    I don't know if it's a level of lean, comfort, skill or fun, but it sure looks like a hoot. So, how do you go about reaching this level? Specific suggestions welcome.
  2. North Carolina (NC)
    North Carolina has a free motorcycle street riding class put on my experienced motor officers. It is called BikeSafeNC and the class is FREE. My wife and I took the class a couple of years ago and it was very good. Very focused on safe street riding. Yes, there were a lot of Scare-You-To-Death...
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    No, it's not a Gold Wing, but the rider sure knows how to enjoy his new BMW K1600LT. Turn you speakers on and listen for the sweet sound of controlled scrapping. Notice how relaxed this guy is on the controls. He's not even covering the front brake or clutch half the time because he's...
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    I'm having another set of Bridgestone tires put on my 2012. They lasted me about 8,000 miles. The front was down to the wear bars. The rear was almost there. My question is, how do you scrub in the tires? Last year, I took the Ride Like a Pro Course as a way to get used to the bike and scrub...
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    I have taken the Ride Like a Pro class and know what the Friction Zone is supposed to be: An area where the clutch has partially engaged the engine and transmission so that the bike is moving, but revving the engine does not necessarily make the bike go faster. The idea is to smooth out the...
1-5 of 5 Results