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right knock sensor

  1. Which Lane Position Do You Prefer?

    General MC Message Board
    Everyone has a favorite position on the road. I'm not talking about setting up for a corner. I'm talking just cruising down the highway or byway. So, where do you like to ride? You are welcome to make a case for your choice too. I like Lane Position 1--About where I sit when driving a car. I...
  2. FI Code 25 - Runs Okay - Right Knock Sensor

    GL1800 Tech Board
    I bought a 2001 GL1800 with 200,000 miles--12,000 miles ago. It runs great but burns a bit of oil. I started getting a Fuel Injector code #25 on my last ride. It indicates a right knock sensor circuit problem. I have a service manual, but have no idea how to start on this issue. Any help...