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  1. General MC Message Board
    Check out these riders at a MotoMark1 class in beautiful North Carolina.
  2. General MC Message Board
    Wanna have some fun with your trailer? Try doing a 24-foot U-turn like this guy.
  3. General MC Message Board
    It's not a Wing, but watch how this touring rider initiates his U-turns with a sharp counter steering movement FROM A STOP! Also, it looks to me like he locks his vision on the center of the turn, the point he pivots AROUND, rather than where he wants to end up. You won't learn these...
  4. General MC Message Board
    Check this out! In Japan, the fast guys ride WHITE Wings.
  5. General MC Message Board
    If you enjoy watching the amazing skills of motor officers running a cone course, Top Gun or Moto Gymkhana, you might want to take the Basic Motor Officer Course at MotoMark1 in North Carolina. This course is a full week plus night riding learning high speed, low speed, cornering, dealing with...
  6. General MC Message Board
    No, it's not a Gold Wing, but the rider sure knows how to enjoy his new BMW K1600LT. Turn you speakers on and listen for the sweet sound of controlled scrapping. Notice how relaxed this guy is on the controls. He's not even covering the front brake or clutch half the time because he's...
  7. General MC Message Board
    I have taken the Ride Like a Pro class and know what the Friction Zone is supposed to be: An area where the clutch has partially engaged the engine and transmission so that the bike is moving, but revving the engine does not necessarily make the bike go faster. The idea is to smooth out the...
  8. General MC Message Board
    I notice when doing tight maneuvers like a 45-degree turnout or little tiny circles, that I feel very uncomfortable with the bars at full lock. For example, I'm doing a 45-degree turnout so I lock the bars to the left, step forward a bit with my left foot to lean the bike (slightly--darned thing...
1-8 of 8 Results