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  1. 2018 & Up Goldwing Board
    Anyone have any experience using this program? I’m wondering if it will create better gps routes than any of the other options, AND work with the Honda nav system for 2018+. I’m having many issues with both HTP and Harley Ride Planner. They show the correct path I’ve created online on the pc...
  2. Electronic motorcycle devices
    For those that would like to learn how to use Garmin's Basecamp the New England Riders BaseCamp PC and MAC Tutorials have been updated in early 2019. Thanks to Gérard Friedman we now have a MAC version translated to French.
  3. General MC Message Board
    Settings that I miss I had a Street Pilot a while back, I think it was a 27xx model, I don't really remember. Anyway, I had several options that I can't find on ANY gps, if it's Garmin or anyone else. The options I am referring to are this: Preferred Road Types: I would prefer to never get...
1-3 of 3 Results