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  1. Florida (FL)
    SEE IT? See that little bugger? What do I do? There is so much more life in the tire! Should anyone EVER plug a motorcycle tire? I've been so proud to have crossed 12k on this ORIGINAL tire to the bike! There is SO MUCH more life to the tire, and wanted to beat my last record of 18k achieved...
  2. Florida (FL)
    HEY COME RIDE WITH US THIS SATURDAY TO SAVANNAH FOR THEIR ST. PATTY'S DAY WHOBALATION! We'll just ride up Saturday morning. kick em up at 9am at the Gate Station, just behind Regency mall in Jacksonville it's located just where 295/9a crosses Monument road! ( There is a Ruby Tuesdays next to...
  3. General MC Message Board
    here's a few we got our first two days there! hope to collect a bunch more this weekend!
  4. Florida (FL)
    Couple of us, if not more are saddling up down A1A from Jax on Saturday, March 9th! It would be wonderful to have a convoy! Please feel free to hook up with us, it's always cooler to have a cloud of bikes rolling! :doorag: Anyway, We'll be hitting A1A, and rolling down from Ponte Vedra...
1-4 of 4 Results