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saddle bags

  1. how do the arrive at storage of 150 litres?

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    Please bear with me. I'm looking at buying an F6B or a Goldwing in the next week. The storage capacity is a factor in the decision process. The Honda website says the F6B has 2 bags with a capacity of 11 litres each for a total of 22 litres. It says the Goldwing has a capacity of 150 litres...
  2. Front wheel, with tire if possible 08 goldwing &both rear saddle bags black

    Wanted or WTB Classifieds
    Was rear ended, the grace of god, I survived, but my 08 black Goldwing suffered damage to rear and front end...the 19 year old female driver had no insurance, so i'm struggling to resurrect my life and my Goldwing and I believe its I need include: front wheel and...
  3. Needed: 2003 Saddle bag, color R274

    Gl1800 Trikes
    I need the left saddle bag for a stock 2003 GL-1800, color R-274M, code R274. Will take the pair if that is the only way I can get the left one. Will send check, cash or pay with credit card or pay-pal