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  1. FOR SALE - Black Mufflers

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    SOLD Posting here before I go to eBay. Purchased these off eBay a while back. I've been told they are GL1800 mufflers. Fit my 2002 GL1800 perfectly. Very minor rub marks. No Dents or dings. Includes new gaskets. Packed and ready to ship from Omaha NE. $150 including ground shipping in the...
  2. Cushion Hitch?

    General MC Message Board
    I have a little PiggyBacker trailer. Works great. But I would like something like a cushion hitch to smooth out the impact on the frame from pulling out and stopping. No such animal currently offered for a 300 pound trailer. Much too light. Suggestions? Ideas? Proposed projects? DIY plans...
  3. WTB: '12+ trike take off rear shock assembly

    Wanted or WTB Classifieds
    Looking to buy a '12+ trike take off rear shock assembly.