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  1. Mountain Riding in Italy

    General MC Message Board
    What more can you ask? Shear drop off mountain one lane road, snow and fog. Did I mention once in the high snow area how beautiful it is?? There's no sound, so no need to turn your speakers on MAKE SURE you have this open full screen
  2. Seattle MC show, remember the year it snowed?

    Washington (WA)
    Inching the bike down the incline of my driveway that morning was a chore. After attempting to navigate two blocks of treacherous neighborhood streets I turned around, put the bike back in the garage and took the truck! I like going to the Seattle show each year with the most interesting...
  3. Got caught in the D.C. snow

    General MC Message Board
    This morning, the weather guru said mid-30s to low-40s and scattered light rain throughout the day, so I rode the bike to work (year-round rider). By noon, the light rain turned into a full on snow blast. I figured since the temps were hovering around 38-40, nothing would stick, so I left work...