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  1. GL1800 won't start (or show any sign of life)

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    Hey, all My Goldwing is a 2006 model (plain, no ABS). Dirty (needs a bath) but otherwise a happy-running bike. Yesterday I was out on it in the morning, running errands. Swung back to the house for something I'd forgotten. Got all geared back up and turned the 'wing back on. Everything lit up...
  2. Is removing the starter my next step?

    GL1800 Tech Board
    Have read and read again every thread on 'won't start'. My '03' 1800A has 35k miles and since new has been a short-run commuter bike. OEM battery went at 15k (3yrs) Just load tested number two battery and it performed flawlessly! It was in service five years but I bought a new one anyway. Number...