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tail of the dragon

  1. Follow up to Blue Ridge Parkway post

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    Has anyone created a 2 day ride that encompasses most of the better riding / scenic routes around BRP, Cherahola, Dragon, Road to Nowhere, 215, 28 etc. Or a 3 day that includes the Park? Also looking for the 'must see/do and areas to avoid'. With so much great riding in that area there is no...
  2. And You Thought Your Wing Was Fast!

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    We all (some of us) like to imagine we know something about riding a twisty road. Well, here is a Ducati 1199 Panigale that might be a little quicker than your Wing. I particularly like this video because we can see the rider's speed (rarely up to 75 in the straights and down into the 30s on the...
  3. Beware when on the Dragon....

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    Heads up when riding the Dragon! State troopers now on motorcycles: