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  1. Texas (TX)
    Howdy, Heading out to Big Bend and staying near Panther Junction starting Saturday for several days of riding. Send me an PM if you want to meet up. The weather looks to be great with cooler temperatures.
  2. GL1800 Pics and Videos
    A small group (4 bikes in all: 1-1500, 2-1800's, & SilverWing) take a little ride on 02/02/2013. Enjoy the Video. Thanks, Mike
  3. GL1800 Member Classifieds
    I am putting up my 2008 Wing, airbag model, I'll try to remember as many of the adds as I can. This is an unbelievable ride and has almost every functional farkle you can think of. I am listing as is and am firm on price. If not sold I will start removing farkles and selling stock bike and...
  4. General MC Message Board
    Hello fellow Goldwing riders, I have heard talk from these Forums of a man named "Buck" that does good work in Houston. I found an email address that did not work. If anybody has contact info or knows a good and fair mechanic in Texas would you please let me know. I'm actually in Waco, TX but...
  5. 2012 - 2017 Goldwing Board
    Howdy, Y'all! I am the proud owner of a new 2012 Red level 3 Goldwing! I have checked with a couple of y'all on used bikes, but after considering all my options, it was hard to say no to the good deal I got at Woods Fun Center in Austin, TX. This is my first Goldwing, and my fourth bike...
  6. GL1800 Pics and Videos
    Nice day for a ride.
1-6 of 6 Results