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  1. 2018 & Up Goldwing Board
    My TPMS system is not reading the correct pressures. I have checked them with 3 gauges. The system blinks low pressure light and shows 25 psi to 26 psi on front and rear tire respectively. They are actually reading 36 and 40 psi with 3 gauges so I feel the gauges are right. The light will...
  2. GL1800 Tech Board
    2010 GW, 17000 miles. Tire pressure alert flashes after every start-up. Occasionally, it will go off (not flash) after between 5 and 30 minutes riding. Tire pressure checked daily, maintains 40 psig. Tires recently replaced when I bought the bike. Previous owner says he never saw it flash...
1-2 of 2 Results