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  1. GL1800 Metal Valve Stems for Garmin GPS sensors

    GL1800 Tech Board
    All, Could anyone tell me if the valve stems on my bike are the "proper" type of metal valve stems? Don't want the TPMS sensors to screw it up. It appears they are metal with a rubber boot and a support but I honestly don't want to take the wheels off and replace them if I don't have to...
  2. Darkside Tire and TPMS wheel

    GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    SOLD!! I no longer have my 2009 wing so I offer for sale a 09 wheel with tpms and 2 Michelin Primacy alpin tires PA3 195/55R16. The tire on the wheel has a thousand or two miles left on it and the other tire is 0 miles. $120 takes it all Local pickup in Cartersville GA Will take paypal or...
  3. F6B TPMS ? on GW wheel I bought

    General MC Message Board
    I have a new F6B and decided to give the Darkside a try next. I bought a 2014 GW trike takeoff wheel & Tire (New Bridgestone) with the Boobs still on, and the rear wheel has a TPMS for $200 delivered.... The F6B has no TPMS. I bought a Bridgestone Driveguard Run-Flat 195/55/16 for $118...
  4. Honda GL1800 FRONT Wheel With "New Dunlop Elite-3" Tire Mounted

    GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    Honda GL1800 FRONT Wheel with "New Dunlop Elite 3" Tire Mounted Wheel: Out of a 1 to 10, this wheel would rate 9.0+. Some water spot staining (Clear, not discolored) and a few minor scratches. All of this is minor, non distracting and hardly noticeable. Guess you will have to trust me...
  5. New 2012 that has "quirks" or "user error"

    2012 Goldwing Board
    Hello fellow GL'ers. After 15 or so years on BMW's, I made the move to a beautiful blue 2012 level 3 last month. I'm having a ton of fun with it, it's way more comfortable than my R1200RT, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how nimble it is! That said, I've come across some oddities that I'm not...
  6. TPMS and Cold Weather

    GL1800 Tech Board
    I rode into work this morning at 34-degrees Fahrenheit. The TPMS low tire pressure indicator was on, so I rode to a gas station to check my air pressure. About the time I got there (3 mile ride), the light went out. When I checked my pressure it was 36 front, 41 rear--dead on suggested pressure...