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  1. Your Wife--With Another Man?

    General MC Message Board
    Would you EVER let your wife do THIS with another man? Would you TAPE her while they're doing it?
  2. Ninja 250 Lesson for Wing Riders

    General MC Message Board
    Okay so, ignore the first 6:30 of this video. Ignore the occasionally frank language. Instead notice the gear indicator as this tiny, under-powered Ninja 250 zips around a track. He rides the whole track in 3rd gear. Yes, he occasionally bumps it up to 4th or 5th for a few seconds, but you can...
  3. Ride Faster and SAFER with Motovudu.

    General MC Message Board
    Here's an interesting little nugget from Motovudu creator and 500GP champ Simon Crafar's blog: "One of the great things about riding sports bikes on circuit is--it's all in your head! Until you get to racing levels, its not about how old you are, how fit you are, or even what gender you are...
  4. Lack of Android Track messages with Spotwalla?

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    Posted this on the Spotwalla message group over on Google as well...let's see what kind of response I can get from the astute readers here. In my first beginner attempts at using the HTC Incredible (1st gen) and the Spotwalla/Latitude functionality, I've tried a couple of trips...I guess I'm...