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  1. Looking for a program to enter items like daily mileage, gas and Pictures

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    I'm getting ready to go on a 8,000 mile trip and wanted to be able to post my daily: thoughts, mileage, gas, lodging and pictures where other people can pull it up to see whats going on and where we at. Maybe with a link so I could tie it into Facebook. Is there anything out there like that...
  2. 1st big trip on the Wing to Sturgis

    General MC Message Board
    Leaving in 15 hours, 4am Thursday. 1st big trip on the Wing, I hope and pray it is as dependable as my VTX1300 was:o4: Thursday night - camp out rocky mountain national park I sleep in a Hennessee Hammock, I hope I can find two trees in the park :?: Friday Night - camp out in Cody Wy or...
  3. Balkanian trip 2012 review

    Rides, Trips and Events
    Hello fellow riders from far-away ) This June I had a really nice trip for 15 days, 14 countries and a bit more than 7500 kms around Eastern and Central Europe. You can look at the pictures if you want ) Here are much more photos from this trip -...
  4. Alaskan Highway - Summer 2009

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    Our 2008 trip took us from Toronto, Ont, through the states to the west coast (Victoria, BC) and back through the Rockies. We did not get a chance to head north to Alaska but are planning so for 2009. My wife and I travel on a 2002 GL1800 pulling a Timeout camper. One thought was to ship the...