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  1. Can you upgrade a manual Goldwing 2018 tour to an automatic DCT?

    2018 Goldwing Board
    Hi All Just bought a Goldwing tour 2018 with a manual transmission. I am already wondering if I can have it upgraded to the DCT automatic transmission. Does anyone know if such an upgrade is available from Honda?
  2. Navi Upgrade to North America 2011

    GL1800 Tech Board
    No problems occurred. Just follow the instructions. Also, nothing interesting on the upgrade. They did add all my favorites to the map with a small round dot but most aren't labelled so you'll have to mouse over or zoom in to see what they are. So far it's just some streets and POI's added...
  3. kwthom's Aluma Interior Upgrade

    MC Trailer Board
    I need to thank those before me who did this job & explained it quite well...good enough so my wife wanted to tackle the job with me! :shock: We did a couple of things different; I will explain them in detail later - just wanted to get the link...