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  1. Gold Wing F6B
    I have a 2015 F6B, and have been using an iPhone 6s hooked up to the usb connection in the left saddlebag. It has worked flawlessly , allowing all the left handlebar controls to work (i.e. volume up/down, track advancement etc.). Recently updated iPhone to model 11 and I get an error message...
  2. 2018 & Newer Goldwing Board
    Went out for a ride and for one reason or another CarPlay drops off. I would either have to risk pulling the cord in and out at 80 mph, pull over now or wait until next stop. Just not acceptable, so I set off in search of a reasonable solution. Looked for a USB cable that supported data, power...
  3. GL1800 Tech Board
    Having used many non-working USB chargers for the GL1800 side pocket. The problem, some only charge 1.2 amps (Garmin GPS), some only charge 2.4 amps (IPhone 5) and overload/trip the 1.2 GPS devices circuit protection preventing power to the GPS. Many dealers of the After market part sell side...
1-3 of 3 Results