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  1. Goldstrike Summer 2019 Video Release

    Hey Gold Wing friends! We are very excited to release our 2019 Goldstrike video! Featuring many new and exciting products that will take your Gold Wing to the next level. Watch now: :smile2: Shop now at
  2. Fall ride slideshow

    GL1800 Pics and Videos
    Twenty minutes of motorcycle therapy from yesterday's ride. Beautiful Fall colors once we get out to the country. We rode to Captain Bob's restaurant in Hertford, N.C..
  3. Low beam bulb won't fit

    GL1800 Tech Board
    Pulled out the left low beam bulb. Tried to insert the replacement. Procedure is easy. Problem is getting the replacement bulb inserted. Tried for an hour from above and below. Any secrets?
  4. Some Women Couldn't Ride a Gold Wing

    General MC Message Board
    Let's be honest. Some women don't have what it takes to ride a Gold Wing. "It's too big." "It's too heavy." "I'm scared." On the other hand, some women aren't one bit scared and can handle a motorcycle, probably ANY motorcycle, better than most men. Like THIS young lady for example.
  5. Effortless Dragon Run on 600

    General MC Message Board
    I just watched this guy run the Dragon on a GSXR600 and now I want one. (Of course, most of that riding could have been done just as easily on the Wing.)
  6. 4WD Mechanix Magazine Pulstar Spark Plug Review

    Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Recently, 4WD Mechanix Magazine did a review of the Pulstar Spark Plug in a Jeep XJ Cherokee 4.0L and the two Honda XR motorcycles. The review shows the installation, testing and evaluation in a 27-minute HD video. Check it out and let us know what you think! ~Andrew at Pulstar...
  7. Joan Rivers--Sharp at 80

    The OTE
    Oh, to be even half this vital at 80. Enjoy.
  8. Anyone shooting moto-vids with iPhone?

    The OTE
    I am poor and cheap. I already have an iPhone AND an iPad Mini. Is anyone out there using one of these to shoot their motorcycle videos? If you are, I'd love to see some of your videos and hear about how you mounted you "camera."
  9. GoPro Standard Suction Cup

    GL1800 Pics and Videos
    I have a GoPro and really like the quality of the video it captures, but I am not sure that I totally trust the suction cup option for attachment. I am aware of the 3rd party mounts, but would like to hear if anyone actually had a suction cup failure with the GoPro?
  10. Has This Ever Happened to You?

    General MC Message Board
    Ever had one of those days? I get 'me a lot, but so far, I haven't done this. Watch to the end.
  11. Stunt Video

    General MC Message Board
    don't know if this has been posted here but check it out: Steve
  12. Show This to Your Wife--It's BIG!

    The OTE
    This video is BIG on YouTube--9,000,000 hits of a cat soothing a crying baby. Here is one that's even BIGGER--18,000,000 hits. Okay, wait, THIS video is really Really REALLY big--with 134,000,000 hits. You are right--these videos have NOTHING to do with motorcycles, but they can...
  13. Video: Install Kisan chargeGUARD Battery Monitor

    How To, Step-by-Step
  14. HID Headlight Install Video

    How To, Step-by-Step
  15. Installing a Utopia Backrest - UPDATED VIDEO

    How To, Step-by-Step
  16. Install Kuryakyn Ergo II W/Mini-Arms - UPDATED VIDEO

    How To, Step-by-Step
  17. Video from overnight ride including Bay Bridge transit

    GL1800 Pics and Videos
    Our GWRRA Chapter did an overnight ride a few weeks ago. This video has a bunch of clips from the ride as we transited two big bridges (one is about 20 miles long) and a river ferry. It was a great ride and a good time was had by all. Enjoy...
  18. 2011 Riding Season Video

    GL1800 Pics and Videos
    Here is a video we did of some of the best moments in the 2011 ride season. Even a cameo from a bear... Can't wait for the 2012 season to roll...
  19. Another Ride Video I Made.

    GL1800 Pics and Videos
    It was a warm winter day so off I went on a day ride. Kinda simple and plain video. The road I found was OK but kinda strange. Take a look!
  20. GoPro on a twistie lane.

    Testing Board Here is a link to my youtube video that my son and I made with my GoPro camera. It was the first time I went out with the GoPro. My son did the editing and I did the fun part.....the riding. Enjoy, Jim. PS. This was on a one way one lane road with no wild life...