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  1. General MC Message Board
    I'm planning a two-up trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway. I'd like to ride the entire length in one trip. We will be leaving from near Charlotte, NC, riding up to VA, then down all the way to Cherokee, NC. This is our first long motorcycle trip in 25 years. I'm mostly a motorcycle commuter, but we...
  2. Virginia (VA)
    Anybody have the number of sites needed to be visited? Or even better yet a list of them. Will consider entering if I feel I can get to them all. I made them on (58 I think) the first year they did this. Great jackets given out to all finishers that year. And idea of what prizes there are...
  3. General MC Message Board
    There was a recent discussion about taking the Virginia DMV motorcycle test on a Gold Wing. A couple of people allowed as MOST of the folks on this board couldn't pass that test on a Gold Wing. So, I decided to see for myself. I looked up the test here. Then I set up the parts I could do myself...
  4. Virginia (VA)
    Saurday Ride (CANCELED) They are calling for Thunderstorms both Saturday and Sunday now - So, for now, this ride is canceled. But there is plenty of summer and fall left for other rides. For the 8 that PMed me saying you'll be attending, I'll PM (and/or email) you to let you know. :biker...
1-4 of 4 Results