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  1. GL1800 Member Classifieds
    This is a series II one piece suit in excellent shape. Size is men's xs for the wife. It doesn't leak and is warm. $70 plus shipping. If you have any questions please pm me. Tree
  2. General MC Message Board
    EMFB automatic (Android GPS) weather display is broken for the time being.. I get all the weather images from the public domain NOAA site and they changed ALL their server names and directories as of Jan 1, 2012 so none of my links work anymore. I'm working to rebuild everything but it might...
  3. GL1800 Tech Board
    Is there a way to connect a Garmin Zumo 665 to the on-board XM antenna on a 2010 with Navi? I'd rather do that than purchase another Garmin antenna since the Honda has one in it already. I also don't want to use the Honda Navi for the weather since it's an additional subscription, and the Zumo...
1-3 of 5 Results