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  1. Wanted or WTB Classifieds
    Looking for ANY BRAND wheel balancer ,Marc Parnes style for the GL1800. New Marc Parnes cost $115. including shipping but thought if any of you lost interest in balancing your own wheels or have sold off your GoldWing and have one in your toolbox, I could save a few bucks. Thanks, Bill
  2. General MC Message Board
    I just bought a used, older Piggy Backer trailer--the kind with leaf springs. I want to take it for a ride, not a trip. How much weight should I throw in there to stabilize the ride and reduce bouncing when I'm just tootling around? I can throw a 45 pound plate in there. Suggestions on where to...
  3. Darkside Riders
    I had new tires put on before my trip to Texas and some local riding. Upon leaving for the AGWA rally in Springfield, MO I had about 2K on the tires (Bridgestone G709 front @ 28psi and a PA3 in the rear @ 32psi). This part of the trip was me and a Neosho 19 trailer (loaded with wife's stuff)...
1-3 of 3 Results