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  1. GL1800 Stock Windshield

    F4 Customs
    GL1800 Gold Wing STOCK "Clear" Windshield with Vent Hole (shown with vent installed) Product Code: GL1800-C-VH If you are satisfied with the overall performance that your stock shield offers you, then this is the shield for you. It retains the same height, width, and angle of the stock...
  2. Ready for a New Windshield

    F4 Customs
    Welcome to F4 Customs Motorcycle Windshields, home of the “Motorcycle Windshield Specialist” and the infamous “Steel Wool Test.” F4 started with founder Don Frank’s dream of flipping the motorcycle industry upside down with products that were a hands down first choice by motorcycle owners. The...
  3. Anyone put on the Baker Trike Leg Wings vs Regular Leg Wings on a 2 wheeled Goldwing

    General MC Message Board
    My wife says she would ride with me much more if I keep the wind off of her. I'm going to purchase the full set of Baker Wind Wings. I'm curious to know, if I put on the Trike Wings instead of the regular Leg Wings on a 2 wheeled 1800, would I get better wind protection for her or is that over...
  4. Wind Deflectors for GL1800

    General MC Message Board
    Have a 2002 GL1800 and looking for good wind deflectors that don't look terrible on the bike, including the mounting brackets. I don't like the way the brackets look for Baker's deflectors. I saw a newer 1800 a few weeks ago with deflectors that had decent bracket mounts, but not sure what...