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  1. 2018 & Newer Goldwing Board
    I stated on another thread that I would do a review of these two after riding with them back to back. The windshielsd are the Madstad 20" with spacers and the F4 Custom 20" wide. I judged them based on three criteria, turbulence around the head, wind on the arms and back pressure from the wind...
  2. Canada
    Hi I have a non touring and would like to buy a touring windshield if anyone is selling. Thanks
  3. Vendor Deals
    Check out our Clearance page on our web site for some Demo or Seconds that we have that we are clearing out. Great price at 50% off retail for a minimal mark or nick. Call Chuck at F4 if you see something you like or order on line. While they last. 941-347-7496
  4. General MC Message Board
    To all of our loyal customers and customers to be. F4 Customs Inc. is relocating all of its operations to Punta Gorda, Florida. Our shipping and receiving will be closed beginning April 11th and we will start shipping products again no later than May 4th. Our sales and customer service...
  5. 2018 & Newer Goldwing Board
    I’m glad to have found a great group of Goldwing riders. Hoping you can help me with an issue. I’ve been back into riding a few years now, both my previous bikes (Kawasaki Concours C14 with a Cee Bailey and 2013 F6B with a Madstad) were purchased used and had aftermarket shields and deflectors...
  6. Vendor Deals
    We at F4 Customs Inc have these demos in stock while they last if you are interested. We will take 30% off of retail. If you are interested call our office at 330-968-4644 and ask for Rusty GL1800-2018-16-STK-T GL1800-2018-20-T-W GL1800-2018-24-C-W GL1800-2018-20-C-W GL1800-24-T-W...
  7. Vendor Deals
    Hey folks we have some demo shields on the shelf for a great discount for all goldwings. Give us a call at 330-968-4644 if you are interested. Don
  8. General MC Message Board
    Here is a blog that I wrote that might be interesting to some folks. Your comments on your experience is welcome. Don Frank F4 Customs Inc
  9. 2018 & Newer Goldwing Board
    Hey folks if you can please add your F4 Windshield pictures on your 2018 GL1800 and comment on the size you have installed so others can see what you purchased and how it is working out for you. Thanks Don
  10. 2018 & Newer Goldwing Board
    Well folks I purchased one of the gage covers and tried to add our coating for the scratch resistance. No Luck! The material is something unusual and as soon as we tried to bake our coating in it melted the gage cover. So it must be some mix of material. So what I have asked our staff to do is...
  11. Vendor Deals
    Happy Holidays from F4 Customs! We are cleaning out our warehouse and have several Demo windshields available for the GL1800 (01-17) and 2018 models. Below is a list of the windshields we have available: (01-17) +2 Tint with vent installed +4 Clear +4 Clear with vent installed (3...
  12. General MC Message Board
    The large number of positive Mastad reviews has me drooling for one if it indeed eliminates buffeting on the highway while giving me a view over the shield, instead of through it. I'm also wondering how well it handles the rough air behind a big 18 wheel truck? I've only seen one reviewer on...
  13. GL1800 Member Classifieds
    Sold - oem windshield vent Shipped and SOLD to ChuckAmen - OEM WINDSHIELD VENT - $33 - Including Shipping! From my 2010 OEM windshield, in pristine condition! Removed from the stock windshield and ready to install on your OEM or aftermarket windshield! ALL OF THE FOLLOWING PARTS ARE INCLUDED...
  14. General MC Message Board
    I'm new to the forum and recently purchased a 2006 GL1800. Jumped on it and rode 1,400 miles from MI to FL (home) via Deals Gap. I am very pleased with the handling, performance and luxury of the Goldwing over my other bike, a 2006 Vulcan VN2000. I am a long distance rider (two up) and IBA...
1-14 of 22 Results