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  1. General MC Message Board
    So, I switched to E3s over the summer. I like them just fine and enjoy the faster tip-in compared to the Bridgestones, BUT ... I do notice that they also feel more tippy at slow speeds. I wobble on them at parking lot speeds, say, under 20 mph. It is hard to be smooth at those speeds with the...
  2. Darkside Riders
    Some questions to all Falken (914) riders : yesterday I did around 85 mph on the highway in a long left when the rear end of the Wing started to wobble a bit. Nothing extreme, but new. The Avon never did that, so : 1. Did that happen to you Falken riders as well? 2. Are you running the tire...
  3. General MC Message Board
    Can I install DynaBeads in my 2012 with TPMS, and can I do it myself most anywhere that has air for sale? This video makes it look pretty darned easy, but I've heard that before. :roll:
  4. General MC Message Board
    I have seen a lot of posts indicating that people aren't aware that there is a Traxxion installer in Florida. This is probably because Traxxion hasn't updated their website in forever, and haven't listed any new installers in the past year or 2. I have been kind of reluctant to chime in on...
  5. General MC Message Board
    Okay. The dreaded deceleration wobble. Got it on my 2012 with only 8,000 miles on it. So, the Honda steering head bearings are crap, AND the steering head torque must be periodically readjusted. We have a solution to the bearings with All Balls. But the torque will still loosen up, sometimes...
  6. General MC Message Board
    I am new to the Goldwing returning to riding after a 25 year lay off. 10 days ago I bought an ’08 1800 ABS with 15,000 mile on her. I am wearing a Shark Evoline 2 helmet. I have Centramatic Wheel Balancers. I have Cobra Avalon’s front and back and they seem pretty new. On the freeway once I get...
  7. GL1800 Tech Board
    I have noticed a slight wobble in my front wheel every so often. The shop says it doesn't exist any time they look at it. It isn't there all the time and has never caused an issue but I never had this on my 1200 or 1500 GoldWings. I have seen fork stabilizers on sale on a few sites and I wonder...
1-7 of 7 Results