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American Honda is conducting a frame weld recall on 2002 and 2003 GL1800/A Gold Wing motorcycles per the VIN ranges listed below.
A recall notice was mailed to all owners of AFFECTED motorcycles on October 6, 2003.
A separate letter was mailed on October 13th to owners of GL1800s NOT affected advising them that while a recall was under way, their motorcycle was not involved.
We have received calls from customers that cause us to believe a computer generated mailing error may have allowed some customers whose motorcycles are AFFECTED to mistakenly receive the October 13th letter.
If you receive an inquiry from a customer stating they received the recall notice, their motorcycle is AFFECTED regardless of any subsequent mailing they might have received.
Please consult the VIN range listed below.
2002 Model:
Non ABS Model: From VIN: 1HFSC470*2A111803 Thru VIN: 1HFSC470*2A113582
ABS Model: From VIN : 1HFSC474*2A102394 Thru VIN: 1HFSC474*2A102823
2003 Model:
Non ABS Model: From VIN: 1HFSC470*3A200001 Thru VIN: 1HFSC470*3A204860
ABS Model: From VIN : 1HFSC474*3A200001 Thru VIN: 1HFSC474*3A201126

10/06-03- RE: GL1800/A – Frame Weld SAFETY RECALL NOTICE-
This letter is to let you know that the Service Bulletin for this SAFETY RECALL is being sent today via overnight delivery. The Bulletin contains all instructions necessary to complete the repair along with a copy of the Customer Notification Letter that was sent today to all registered owners of affected GL1800/A motorcycles. Please look for this package beginning Tuesday morning.
The Frame Parts Kit (H/C: 762082) described in the Service Bulletin on page three will be in short supply for the first week following receipt of this notice. Automatic allocations of this kit to your dealership will not start until some time after the week of 10/13/03. In the meantime, a limited supply of this kit is available by calling AHM at 866) 784-1870. If you call, be prepared to provide the VIN, the customer’s name and address, and the appointment date for the customer’s repair. We will send a kit to you, via overnight delivery if required, SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY.
New Motorcycles:
If you have recently sold a GL1800/A, please submit the warranty registration information.
This recall does not affect the 2004 model GL1800/A, or 2002/2003 GL1800/A’s not included in the VIN range listed above.
Thank you for your cooperation.
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
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