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I'm getting excited. Getting close to 100 friends coming to SMRI. This is three great gathering.
Great Friends
Great Roads
Great Reason
I hope everybody makes it to the fishfry. Now I'm not much for fried fish but the extras are good enough for me. The auction will be after the meal. I hope there is a bidding war this year. I personally don't mind donating time and money when I know where 'all' the funds raised go to local kids with no administative cost. The Smoky Mountain Riders are bike riders just like us (even some Harleys) that work to return to the community and show the community that there are some good bike riders out there. When you see these folks working at our gatherings, thank them for thier time and efforts.
With 100 of us being there the final tallies could be fantastic for the kids Christmas. Don't sit around and think with this many people here, surely some will help raise the final figures. That someone is you and the two folks sitting on your left and right.
Please remember these familys are hurting. No jobs around that part of the country and no hope for any real soon. No jobs mean no Christmas for thier kids. To parents this can hurt them more than the kids. The kids will forget and go on to what's available to them but the parents can't forget those faces on a presentless Christmas morning. The parents know the reason but the kids are lost if even Santa doesn't come to see them.
Let's try to dig a little deeper for them this year. Yea the newpapers keep reminding us of the low economy now, but are we really hurting that bad as individuals? Will missing a couple eat out nights or some bling for the bike really destroy that day. No presents on Christmas morning can to a small kid. How many of us have Grandkids that have two Christmas present openings that day. One with the Dad's family and one with Mom's.
I've seen my own Grandkids open presents just to throw them to the side and grab for the next unopened present. Thankfully for our family we are able to overload them with gifts(to a limit). This is one time that Dee and I feel real good about helping these kids. We never will see thier faces or meet them personally but, "Who really has met the real Santa Claus?"
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