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American Honda is operating two Campaigns on the GL1800. These campaign actions are fully defined in two Service Bulletins:

1. GL1800/A #13, June 2003 “ECM Replacement / Cooling System Product Improvement Campaign”.

2. GL1800 #14, October 2003 (rev) “2002-2003 GL1800/A Frame Weld” Safety Recall”

In order to assure the fairest and most successful campaign parts distribution, American Honda is initiating certain process changes for limited availability GL1800 Campaign and Recall parts. To best insure that your dealership receives the best service from these changes, FIRST, please insure that all involved staff in your Parts and Service Departments have read and understand the two GL1800 Service Bulletins listed above. Then, after you have determined the true parts needs for each campaign repair, proceed as follows:

GL1800 ECM Replacement / Cooling System Product Improvement Campaign:

· Sub Harnesses as listed on Page 6 of the bulletin require a VERY SPECIFIC SELECTION to obtain the correct choice (of 4 types) for specific vehicles. Once you have determined the specific Harness you require of the 4 types, please call American Honda’s GL Project Group Toll Free and identify your Dealer Number, the VIN of the affected vehicle and the specific Sub Harness you require. It will be shipped via pre-paid freight to your dealership. These “sub harnesses” are not available for open ordering. Back orders have been cancelled

32112-MCA-305 Sub Harness “A” (White)

32112-MCA-306 Sub Harness “B” (Blue)

32112-MCA-307 Sub Harness “D” (Green)

32112-MCA-309 Sub Harness “E” (Brown)

· Other parts listed in the Bulletin are still available for open ordering. Again, only order for specific repair or replacement needs, and DO NOT stock.

38770-MCA-305 Engine Control Module (ECM)

08C50-C321S01 HP Coolant (Pre Mix) 1 Quart

19060-MCA-003 Radiator, Left

12013-MCA-305 Gasket Set, Cylinder Head Inspection (One is required for each vehicle inspection. Please insure that you DO order this Gasket Set)

12010-MCA-305 Cylinder Head Set, Right

12012-MCA-305 Gasket Set, Right Cylinder Head Replacement

12020-MCA-305 Cylinder Head Set, Left

12022-MCA-305 Gasket Set, Left Cylinder Head Replacement

GL1800 2002 – 2003 GL1800/A Frame Weld

18390-MCA-305 Frame Parts Kit (Weld)

American Honda will update your dealership if any changes are made to this policy regarding limited availability Campaign related parts. We appreciate your cooperation with this policy.
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