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12 volt DC accessory socket kit

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I would like to install on my 1800 for charging cell and using GPS. As I understand from Hal's site, this accessory is placed within the front side pocket - either left or right. Supposed to be plug and play. Since I have Ram mount for left side - thinking about putting in left pocket. I also have the volt meter installed which is plugged into the accessory plug underneath the left front pocket.(on pre-2006 this accessory plug was under right side) Wondered if there is another available plug for connecting under left front pocket or would I need to obtain another wiring harness which would enable me to plug both the volt meter and accessory socket in this single connector.

Since I haven't seen one installed, wonder - do you just lay in bottom of glove box or is the plug actually mounted to the inside of the box? Any info or guidance would be appreciated.
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Confused Once Again

I installed the CB today, took about 4 hours, but seems to be working...

I want to run a power cabel fro my GPS...In the left gove box while it is off...In the 08 I have (2) Molex Connectors in a Black Rubber Cover..One is white the AUX input for the iPod etc. The other is a red molex connector that seems to be 12v & ground, and switched from my qucik test lamp.

I ordered a load of connectors from EC last Friday, but received an e-mail that due to a move they are running behind in shipping etc...Does any one make a molex connector to plug into this that can be purchased locally...since everything is open, and I am on a roll.....
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