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12 volt DC accessory socket kit

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I would like to install on my 1800 for charging cell and using GPS. As I understand from Hal's site, this accessory is placed within the front side pocket - either left or right. Supposed to be plug and play. Since I have Ram mount for left side - thinking about putting in left pocket. I also have the volt meter installed which is plugged into the accessory plug underneath the left front pocket.(on pre-2006 this accessory plug was under right side) Wondered if there is another available plug for connecting under left front pocket or would I need to obtain another wiring harness which would enable me to plug both the volt meter and accessory socket in this single connector.

Since I haven't seen one installed, wonder - do you just lay in bottom of glove box or is the plug actually mounted to the inside of the box? Any info or guidance would be appreciated.
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You are going to want to either add a connector or move the volt meter feed wire to another location. You may be able to get a Y power connector to accomodate both. I don't know who has them. The honda 12v accessory socket either mounts at the 12:00 position straight forward if you have an 01-05 bike or at the 1:00 position off to the right side on the diagional side of the front pocket if you have an 06-09. I used a 1" spade bit to drill the hole. My 08 had a mark on the pocket indicating where the hole should be drilled. I don't know of the 01-05 pocket is similarly marked.

You actually mount it inside the pocket with the tube hanging outside and towards the front of the bike. So from the inside, all you see is the opening with the dust cover.
Thats too bad. I'd thought that the Honda one would have a better showing of itself.
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