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12 volt DC accessory socket kit

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I would like to install on my 1800 for charging cell and using GPS. As I understand from Hal's site, this accessory is placed within the front side pocket - either left or right. Supposed to be plug and play. Since I have Ram mount for left side - thinking about putting in left pocket. I also have the volt meter installed which is plugged into the accessory plug underneath the left front pocket.(on pre-2006 this accessory plug was under right side) Wondered if there is another available plug for connecting under left front pocket or would I need to obtain another wiring harness which would enable me to plug both the volt meter and accessory socket in this single connector.

Since I haven't seen one installed, wonder - do you just lay in bottom of glove box or is the plug actually mounted to the inside of the box? Any info or guidance would be appreciated.
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With the accessory plugged in, how do you close the lid?

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Push down on the lid till the latch clicks. If you are worried about the cord, cut about an eighth of an inch out of the lip, and put the cord there, or bring the cord out next to the hinges.
I put a 12v receptacle in both pockets. On the left side I built my own Y-connecter using molex connectors that I acquired from EC. Way cheaper than buying the $14.95 Y connector. The box on my '03 was marked for the hole.

On the right side I again made a custom wire harness that plugs into the heated grips power connector (I don't have heated grips) that buried down next to the airbox and above the vent. I also have a 12v receptacle in the trunk that works well.

For all of the connectors that I made, I hand crimped and soldered them. By building my own harnesses, I didn't cut into the factory wiring.
Same story here. I have the OEM connector in the left pocket with a switched 5 amp fuse (stock), one in the right pocket with a fused 15 amp direct circuit (14 guage wire), and one in the trunk lid on a seperate 15 amp fused circuit for the air compressor, charging camera batteries, etc. Any time I have to break into the factory harness, I cut the wire, put the new one in, solder them and put them in shrink wrap, and always use red wire for hot, green wire for switched, and black wire for ground. $15 for a harness ? When a dimes worth of solder and shrink wrap does just as well? To each his own.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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