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Bought a trike take-off rear rim this afternoon so I could mount the Dunlop Wintersport 3D Run Flat 175-60. Both my other rear rims have like new tires on them already.:-( Patience is not one of my virtues.:oops:

Anyway, got in put on the rim, hurried home, threw 2 ounces of Dyna Beads in it (I know, it's suppose to be 3 ounces) but I want to see if 2 will work first.

Put the "Big Girl" up in the air on the Pit Bull and slapped it on. Now, here's the main reason for the post. With the 195-55, I needed to slap a little dish soap on part of the inner fender to help it go in. The 175-60 went in as easy as a oe tire. Bonus!!!!

Should be able to put some miles on it tomorrow afternoon.

My 195-55 is currently residing on a friend's 1800, DrKeds.. When I get it back, I'll measure the two, on rims, side by side.

Before I put it on today I put it next to a like new Metz 180-60. On first glance, they appear to be the same width, outside to outside. A tape measure, though, showed the 175-60 narrower by almost a half inch.

Stay tuned.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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