Various parts from a 2018 that was rear ended. Items are free for local pickup, $15.00 plus shipping costs if mailed. Majority are actually in good shape, were replaced so there wasn’t a mismatch of parts. Not shown is engine guards - scraped but still solid - plastic covers would hide the scrape marks.

I will be going to the Texas Red Neck RTE in April, I will possibly have some room available in the trailer for taking items but no guarantees.

Undergarment Automotive exterior Triangle Metal Fashion accessory

Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Grey Rectangle Headgear

This right saddlebag lid is pretty scraped up but is not cracked, can be restored.

Automotive lighting Automotive tail & brake light Hood Grey Fender

Left bag has minor scratches, mostly dirty.

Automotive design Sports equipment Fender Automotive lighting Font

Majority of the scrape mark is surface blemish on this right cover.

Drinkware Cup Dishware Serveware Art

Motor vehicle Automotive design Grey Automotive exterior Font

Font Wood Metal Auto part Household hardware

Hand tool Gesture Automotive exterior Wood Knife

Exhaust covers. Some scrape marks on bottom, mostly just dirty.