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1989 paciific coast

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Seeking opinions as to the fair value of a 1989 Pacific Coast wtih represented 15,000 miles. This bike was always of interest to me and I saw one in a local listing. Anything special I should look for when inspecting the bike?
Any other suggestions would be appeciated. Seller is asking $3500.
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You're talking about a 20 year old bike. With something that old, it's worth whatever you're willing to pay or what the seller will sell it for.

The "book" value on something like that might only be $2000, but if the seller won't let it go for less than $3500, then book value doesn't matter.

Have fun negotiating!
Have you ever ridden one? I rode one on a demo when they were new and thought that it was a pipsqueak. They look like a futuristic goldwing but the 800cc twin was underpowered compared to my 1500. yeah, you could throw it around but it was a lightweight bike by just about every measure. I was glad to get back on my 1500. And the gearing wasn't anything special. RPMs are up at highway speed and it wasn't as smooth as a 6 cylinder. If

I've gotten to the point that I don't feel safe unless I have a large front profile (fairing driving lights headlights etc) and the price of 1500's has come way down especially the early ones. If you are looking for a commuter bike, I'd consider a 1500 before a PC.
the puke white 1989 model had the same stator issues the wings had

its a nice bike, but i would look for a newer model for sure

the 94-95 black ones, or the bright red 1996-1998 models

overall all, most of them have broken tabs on the plastic body panels, beware of that

also check in the trunk, many have tire clearance issues where the tire has worn throught the trunk, which then becomes a 12 gallon bathtub
... overall all, most of them have broken tabs on the plastic body panels, beware of that
If Tupperware has to be replaced is it easy or hard to find replacements?
If Tupperware has to be replaced is it easy or hard to find replacements?
very hard to find with all the tabs

back then, they interlocked

so to get at the battery, one needed to remove 4 of the puzzle pieces

many of the wrecks and spare parts bike have already been plucked of decent tupperware

some people claim they can jb weld the tabs

i had two of the pc800, one black 94 before i went to a 1500 wing, and a red 98 after i got rid of the 1500 wing

i would much rather have a pacific coast, as compared to the rolling box 1500 wing

the pc will run circles around the lumbering 1500

and watch it perform at the gas pump as well
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I previously owned a 1990 PC 800. I was the third owner. A couple of years ago, I paid $3,200 for it. I sold it a year later for $3,000. I had no major gripes with the bike. As a matter of fact, I am looking for another one. Most current owners are seeking mid to high 3K for them.

Here is a good site to check what others are asking for them:

List of other sites:
I had one purchased new in '96 and kept through '99. It was a nice bike, way ahead of its time. It was quick enough for me and very easy to flick through corners. The downside was somewhat cramped leg room and tupperware removal when necessary. There weren't many accessories either. I added a Givi trunk and with that addition it was a capable tourer. There was a lot of owner loyalty to this bike despite its limited numbers.
I had a white 89 and a red 98 Pacific Coast. They really are a 800 Shadow with a lot of fiberglass. Typical prices seem to be in the $3000 range for a good one. The older ones had more stuff - rotor covers, radios, before they started cheapining them up for sales. They will run all day with a wing, not near as heavy, are quiet, and pretty bulletproof. If you are buying one, look at all the fiberglass - under the belly, the mirrors and mounts, as they have no protection when they get tipped over. I ran the two for over ten years, when I just wanted to go down town or a short day. They are really popular in Europe, but their 'scooter' look did not catch on here.

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Helpful insights

Thank you all for your insights. Going to look at it tomorrow and will let you know.
Based upon what I read its a little high but will closely at the problem areas suggested.

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