1994 Bushtec Trailer, according to the widow of the man who bought it new.
She said she loved his motorcycle but riding w/ trailer behind them made her “a nervous wreck, so Charlie parked it. I think it has 3000, maybe 4000 miles on it.”
KY didn’t do trailer titles back then, and I’ve been unable to find a VIN # anywhere.

Bought this trailer 2 years ago and refurbished it with my younger brother Bill. for our Bucket List trip... but instead he had to go upstairs and ride with God’s boy.
We never got to make the trip, and I don’t need it. My stuff fits on the Pakit-Rak.

When we bought it, it had short-tongue syndrome and was a pain to back up, especially with a wide Trike.
Plus it didn't have enough tongue length for a future rack & cooler.
A neighbor machinist/ welder added 14" length to the tongue.
Original color was gold. It was repainted silver to match Brer Bill's GW Trike.
It has 18 miles on it since paint job.
Also 18 miles since new: both tires / tubes / wheel bearings
Plus a new spare tire on a new wheel with new bearings bought from Bushtec.
Air shocks work fine.
Has been converted from Bushtec 6-wire to 4- wire.
All lights are now LED's.
Even the interior light works.
Lift struts are new.
New hitch bar, new stainless locking hitch top.
New transverse lock for securing trailer hitch to bike/ trike.
Two new sets of extra wheel bearings.
The lock set has been re-keyed, since previously most any key worked.
Has two small places in the carpet edge where mice? chewed, before we got it.
See the last two pictures, attached below.
Otherwise carpet is good. Good n brown!

Any questions, ask away!