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I posted a thread earlier in the week asking for opinions on different shifting techniques since I had a severe clunk intermittently between 1st and 2nd gear. Member Hardway gave me this advice "I pull in the clutch, back the throttle off all the way and up shift all at the same time below 2000 rpm or above 3000 rpm and there is no clunk". My biggest concern was not that it clunked, I figured it was the way it was made. My biggest concern was that I found on ocassion a smooth shift from 1st to 2nd, and it felt the way it was supposed to in my opinion. I took the bike out tonight and tried SEVERAL methods, even a couple things that I did not think was good for the bike to get the desired shift. I tried a little preload, a full pull on clutch, a very little pull on the clutch, downshifting while coming to a stop with high rpm's, downshifting after a complete stop, adjusting the clutch adjustment dial on lever, shifting at different RPM levels 1500-4000, started from a roll, started from a stop, oil was just changed so it was fresh, and something else that I am sure I am not listing. What I found is a way that worked perfect for me EVERY TIME. I will detail it as much as possible so others may try. When I shift, just as I begin to pull in on the clutch and lift up on the shifter, I SIMULTANEOUSLY AND DELIBERATELY ROLL THE THROTTLE FORWARD AS THE RPM'S ARE STILL CLIMBING. This all has to be done in one continuous step together. I did not just let off the gas, I rolled the throttle forward quickly as I pulled the clutch lever and lifted the shifter. I found that it felt the best at around 3500 but would not clunk at ANY rpm. The difference in a clunk or no clunk came SOLELY down to me rolling the throttle forward as the rpm's were still increasing. I hope that this helps and would like some feedback. I did not preload the shifter and pulled the clutch as I lifted and rolled off forward so I cannot say exactly where the lever was when the clutch engages or disengages. I would estimate about half way or more based on the timing. If you want a clearer explanation PM me and I am sure I can explain it easier. The clunk was the only issue that made me worry and hope I did not have a transmission problem. I feel now it was me and not the bike.
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