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I have a 2002 1800 that in all my looking has no cracks in the frame. I have had it in a shop that works on mostly Goldwings and they also find nothing. My question is I just called the Honda dealer and was told if I got a recall notice to bring it in and leave it for at least a month to have the frame replaced. I did get the notice but I thought they just inspected it at first. I was told “no it will be replaced”. I only wanted it done so I could sell the bike and not have the new buyer have to worry about it. Do I need to pull the trailer hitch and take off the car tire before it goes in for the new frame? I just ordered a 2009 airbag today I sure hope the frame issue is a thing of the past. Any information on hitch and tire would be great
Thanks, Ray
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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