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I have a 2002 1800 that in all my looking has no cracks in the frame. I have had it in a shop that works on mostly Goldwings and they also find nothing. My question is I just called the Honda dealer and was told if I got a recall notice to bring it in and leave it for at least a month to have the frame replaced. I did get the notice but I thought they just inspected it at first. I was told “no it will be replaced”. I only wanted it done so I could sell the bike and not have the new buyer have to worry about it. Do I need to pull the trailer hitch and take off the car tire before it goes in for the new frame? I just ordered a 2009 airbag today I sure hope the frame issue is a thing of the past. Any information on hitch and tire would be great
Thanks, Ray
You need to take it to another dealer and let them inspect it. You can sell the bike with the recall for inspection and make it the terms of the sale, meaning the new buyer will take the bike after the inspection sale. IF there are no cracks the worst case is the orginial frame welds will need to be redone, the frame will not have to be replaced. The reweld can be done (schedule) in less than a day.

Do nothing else (maybe) change the rear tire to a stock one as the new owner may not be willing to deal with a car tire on the rear. Not that there is anything wrong with that.:roll:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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