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Rock Hill, SC area
80,800 miles
Durango Red
Traxxion Dynamics suspension (rebuilt Jan 2018, 72,000 miles)
Traxxion Dynamics upper and lower triple trees
Quicktank auxiliary tank
Multivex mirrors
Madstad windshield
Rivco trailer hitch
Tulsa belly pan
Hondaline CB radio
All external lights converted to LED (SoCalMoto & Electrical Connection)
Kisan headlight and taillight modulators
PIAA 1100X auxilliary lights
SoCalMoto fog lights
Electrical Connection trunk light
Hondaline trunk power outlet
Hondaline left front storage power outlet
DIN power outlet right panel
Helibars LST adjustable handlebars
Bridgestone tires (installed Jan 2018, 72,847 miles)
Smartire TPMS
Galfer braided stainless steel brake lines
Utopia backrest
DHS shift lever
Jon's dash GPS mount with aux shelf
Rivco AeroPegs
Rivco sidestand foot
Phil's EZ-Lift
Baker hand wings
Sparkbright voltage monitor
Eastern Beaver fuse block
Wingsoft seat
Hondaline spoiler with brake light
Hondaline heated grips
Valve clearance checked 78,925
New Yuasa battery Jan 2020
other odds and ends that will occur to me after I post this...

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Great price on a well equipped bike! Somebody should snatch this up quickly!


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Hear, hear!

This has been an interesting exercise for me, realizing how much I've done with this bike over the years. I must like tinkering as much as riding...

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I'm not in the market for one but for those that are, pictures would probably be nice.
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