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Only took 15 hours from initial posting until payment was received. Thank you for your interest.

2006 Gold Wing “Level 3” with heated grips, navigation, and ABS brakes. $7500

64,xxx miles, located in central Florida. Fly to Orlando and drive it home. Or if you’re driving from the north, I can meet you at the Florida state line.

The motorcycle is very clean. It has a clean title (no liens).

Accessories include:
  • Sporty short smoked windshield (I can replace it with a clear F4 windshield if desired)
  • Rear spoiler
  • Honda fog lights
  • Chrome valve covers
  • Chrome lower cowl covers
  • 12-volt accessory outlet
  • Belly pan
  • Foam grip covers
  • Stealth light bars
  • Gerbing dual controller for heated clothing
  • Removable grip-buddies covers
  • Utopia driver backrest (I can install if desired)

Brand new color LCD screen. GPS maps have been updated and are current.

Fluids changed in May, 2021, including:
  • brake fluid change
  • clutch fluid change
  • final drive oil change
  • replaced air filter

Wing rides great. Transmission shifts smoothly. No “lag” when setting the cruise. Tires have decent life remaining.

Owner manuals and OEM tool kit are provided.

I’m happy to answer questions.

Not interested in trades. Any message that appears to be a scam will be ignored. Must pay cash in person - not with check or via transportation company. I've seen these scams before.

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Not open for further replies.