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The route for Torches Across America is already in the works.

Please - mark it on your calendar. Don't want to ride all the way, ride with us as we pass in or near your area. Can't meet us at all? Please support your first responders by working toward getting a day of recognition in your town/county or state.

Go to to see details of this year's ride.

Here is what our 2007 ride and route schedule looks like:

Sunday, September 2nd, which is (Labor Day weekend) leave from Kennedy’s Custom Cycle in Oceanside, CA at 9:00am for Kingman, AZ. 379 miles

Monday, September 3rd , leave from Kingman , AZ for Albuquerque , NM . 466 miles

Tuesday, September 4th, leave from Albuquerque , MN for Amarillo , TX . 289 miles

Wednesday, September 5th, leave from Amarillo , TX for Tulsa , OK . 367 miles

Thursday, September 6th, leave from Tulsa , OK for Troy IL . 420 miles

Friday, September 7th, leave from Troy , IL for Cambridge , OH . 483 miles

Saturday, September 8th, leave from Cambridge , OH , for Washington DC . 340 miles

Sunday, September 9th, leave from Washington DC for New York City and spend the night in Jersey City , NJ . 224 miles

Monday, September 10th, leave from Jersey City , NJ for Shanksville and spend the night in Somerset , PA. 303 miles

Tuesday, September 11th Flight 93 Memorial Chapel Somerset, PA and crash site 93 Shanksville PA.

Hope to see you next year.
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